"i never feel like garbage when i'm with you"
I am Bonnie and I suck
I post nonsense mainly to do with these dorks
Old movies are my life heart and soul in case you didn't guess but I like other things too I make average gifs of faces and things which you can find here
I have a dumb wife, a sexy wife, an insane cousin we keep in the attic, our roomie who keeps a skeleton of their dead mom in the basement and the sharon to my elmer

and then there's aisha

I guess that's all you need to know.

Blake being a creeper.

Credit goes to perfectchichi for the awesome screengrabs I reblogged yesterday. I just felt like editing one of them slightly :L

Literally no idea wth this is. All I know is that Blake will now be haunting my nightmares.

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    LMAO exactly. And I’m probably not as creeped out by this as I should be.
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    Bless you this is magical.
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